The Best Internet Connectivity for Your Business

Internet connectivity is an increasingly important issue businesses are having to deal with.  No longer is it just for email. With the rise of personal devices, cloud based applications, and internet telephony, businesses are experiencing a growing need for bandwidth. With DSL unable to by itself be an economical or performance option, the two best candidates are cable and fiberoptic connectivity.  Which one is right for you? Let’s break down the best internet connectivity for your business.


best internet connectivity AvailabilityCable: Very Available
Fiberoptic: Increasingly Available

Cable infrastructure has been building for years, with the rise of cable television. While many rural areas still aren’t serviced, most all urban and suburban areas are. The fiberoptic network is growing all the time, but again, rural areas will be the last to receive service.



best internet connectivity speedCable: Fast
Fiberoptic: Fast to Very Fast

Cable speeds are touted for their speed, but usually they are compared to DSL speed, with cable up to 50 Mbps, compared to DSL’s 1-6 Mbps.  Fiberoptic is the clear winner here, though, at speeds up to 1Gbps. The cost differs from area to area, and there are different speeds available based on budget. Cable customers share bandwidth, so things can slow down at busy times.



best internet connectivity reliabilityCable: Reliable
Fiberoptic: Reliable

If your area is plagued with cable TV outages, you’ll have the same luck with cable internet. Fiberoptic is also susceptible to damage, but it’s advantage is that it’s passive, so a power outage shouldn’t greatly affect performance in the system. And because the fiber is made of glass, it’s not vulnerable to electrical interference from power lines or surges from lightning strikes.



best internet connectivity priceCable: Low
Fiberoptic: Low to High

Cable’s wide infrastructure helps deliver great bang for the buck. Fiberoptic can cost a whole lot more, but it’s performance can be worth it for companies that require a lot of bandwidth. Comparing similar speeds between cable and fiber may prove to be similar in price.

Which is right for your business?

If you make the decisions about the best internet connectivity, you have a lot to weigh. What is most important? Quality of service? Speed? Price? If uninterrupted service is a must, maybe both with SD-WAN!  Cable is still a very good fit for most businesses, but weigh the cost vs performance factors available in your area to ultimately decide.

We can help you make sense of which is the best internet connectivity your business. 
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