Collaborating with RingCentral’s Glip

GlipIn today’s business world, teams are in constant communication. Team collaboration is happening continuously, and technology has arrived to make it smoother. While there are many apps that do different things well, jumping between applications can waste time and energy. RingCentral, a leader in United Communication, has developed Glip, a collaborative tool to bring teams together like never before by bringing features together into a single app.

Glip Collaborative Features:

Glip MessagingMessaging

Communication is critical in any organization, and there are so many ways to do it. Send an email, a text, an instant message, a phone call… a letter… (ok, who’s doing that?) Glip brings those all together, consolidating your contacts, and having a record of communication with each contact. So you won’t have to chase down a conversation, maybe you can’t remember if it was something said in a text, or on skype, or an email… you can find it easily. The app lets you chat in real-time text, voice, or video.

Glip SharingFile Sharing

Glip allows project collaboration to happen by allowing you to share files in a chat window. Also, you can integrate other accounts and applications within Glip, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote. Screen sharing is also a part of the package, so you can easily work together in real time.

Glip Task ManagementTask Management

Calendars are shared within Glip, making it easy to assign tasks with timelines, and progress trackers for transparency for teams. In addition, you can assign teams based on projects, themes, or departments.

Now Glip is available as A Standalone App

Glip was a part of RingCentral’s Unified Communications solution, and users have shown their love for the application. Now organizations can enjoy the benefits without committing to the entire RingCentral package. Of course, Glip might just make a RingCentral lover out of you, and you may need more of what they offer as our business grows. The value is tremendous. Plans start at free! We can help get your team started.

Here’s a video intro to Glip:

Agile Business Solutions partners with RingCentral to provide Unified Communications solutions to our clients. We would be happy to help you grow your business with a solution designed for your business.

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