Confused by SD-WAN?

Everyday, more and more businesses are moving applications into the cloud. Voice, video, and online collaboration tools are all funneled through a single, shared, company internet connection. Though this shared bandwidth, quality of service can decline considerably. The lifeline of most businesses is still the phone system. If calls are dropped and audio is cutting out, business can be lost. If you’re experiencing these problems, you may need SD-WAN. Confused by SD-WAN? Let’s take a look and break it down.

SD-WAN, or Software Derived Wide Area Network, prioritizes applications over multiple connections, so you never have an outage. If you think about when boarding a plane, everyone waits in a long line to enter the plane’s one door. SD-WAN is more like boarding a subway train. Multiple doors open and there’s very little resistance. Software is used to determine what connection is strongest and maintains a stable connection for your most important applications.

Here’s a good example of how SD-WAN performs.

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