Managed WIFI with SimpleWAN

SimpleWANThere’s a reason why thousands of multi-location businesses trust SimpleWAN and their all-in-one solution: it’s SD-WAN 2.0. It’s a networking solution that has everything you need, plus it saves you time and money.

When Networking Goes Wrong

It shouldn't be hard to manage multiple locations. Our network solution makes it simple.

The SimpleWAN Way

You need networking that is fast, reliable, and secure; phones that always work well. When things go wrong at a location, business there stops until an IT specialist arrives.

SimpleWAN’s solution doesn’t involve waiting, it gives alerts and most problems can be addressed remotely over the cloud. They replace on-site “specialist required” hardware with innovative simplicity, saving you time and money.

Why Buy SimpleWAN?

Innovative & Proven

SimpleWAN is changing the way networking is done for branch offices, stores, service centers, restaurants and franchises. A single dashboard to manage every location.

Better & Faster

Moving legacy connectivity to SD-WAN lowers cost and improves performance dramatically. Our all-in-one solution eliminates failure points, automates networking services and reduces the expense need for IT specialists and additional IT staff.

Risk Mitigation

Most small business locations are unaware of cyber-attacks happening daily. Do you know if every location has updated firmware to protect against the latest attacks?  We fix that. We have you covered with HIPAA/PCI networking compliance requirements as well. 

Grows with Your Business

Their solution just works, sitting in the closet doing its job.  As an SDN (Software Defined Networking) device  can upgrade and add additional networking services all through the cloud. 

The BEST Solution

Easy Setup & Cloud Manage

SimpleWAN’s solution is a fraction of the cost to install and keep running, over traditional solutions. Every remote location is easily managed and provisioned centrally, without requiring an IT specialist or having them on location.

Minimize Downtime

Receive issue alerts by location, diagnose and fix remotely to keep your business online. Reduce customer frustration (“sorry our system is down”) and resulting revenue loss.

All-in-One Networking

All the features your business requires and expects.

  • SD-WAN connectivity to headquarters and other locations
  • VoIP clarity for clear phone calls
  • Cybersecurity, firewall and HIPAA/PCI compliance
  • Business appropriate Internet content filtering

Responsive Support & Live Updates

Standard and premium 24×7 support options, online support documentation and videos. Security patches, compliance tracking, configuration changes happen in seconds from their state of the art cloud-based servers.

Contact us to see if SimpleWAN is the solution for you or Call 262-240-9605

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