VoIP Features to Help Your Business

Voip Features to Help Your BusinessIf you’re considering a change to Voice over IP (VoIP,) you expect to at least have the same features as your current phone system.  You may be pleased to find some VoIP  features that will boost your productivity, and probably cost less than what you’re paying now.

Here are some great VoIP Features:

Auto Attendant

Auto-Attendant (or automated attendant) is a term commonly used in telephony to describe a voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. The auto-attendant is also known as a digital receptionist. Unlike with a live operator, the auto attendant means you’ll never miss customer service calls—or sales opportunities. Customize your virtual answering service to route calls to the appropriate department, extension, or voicemail inbox, even outside of office hours.

Voicemail to email

Voicemail to emailThis is one of the most popular VoIP phone features, this records a voicemail as an audio file (commonly .mpg or .wav format) and sends it to an email address. The recipient is then able to download the file right from their email and play it using a media player on their smart phone or PC.

Ring Groups

A Ring Group is a great way for a business to share the distribution of incoming calls among employees. It is often used to efficiently distribute calls within specific departments such as Sales, Customer Support and Accounting. You can have all the phones in a ring group ring at once or set up a “round robin” approach where the extensions in the group ring in a specific order until the call is answered.

Music on Hold

This VoIP phone feature plays recorded music or marketing messages while your callers are on hold to give your business a professional edge.

Hosted PBX

Instead of that ungainly PBX box in the telecom closet, you can have all your hosted PBX phone services right over your Internet connection using VoIP technology.

Busy Lamp

Busy lamp field allows you to monitor the call status of another user in your company. Different call statuses including idle, incoming call, on a call, or call on hold are represented by a color-coded line key light on most phone models.

Instant Messaging

Instant MessagingInstant message your coworkers, adjust your availability settings, and easily check the status of a contact to determine the best way to contact them.

Conference Bridge

Conference bridge feature allows you to connect a large amount of people into a conference call.

Call Recording

Call recording service allows you to record your incoming and outgoing calls for review and training purposes.

Online MeetingsOnline Meetings

Online meetings  can be configured with a secure PIN number. This allows inbound callers (when provided the information) to enter a set of numbers to join a conference. Conferences may optionally be recorded.

Shared Call Appearance

Shared call appearance will allow multiple phones to have your line assigned to them. This will allow you to make and receive calls from your line at multiple locations. You can also apply someone else’s line in your company to your phone to make and receive calls as them.

Call Forwarding No Answer

Call Forwarding No Answer allows you to forward your phone calls to another phone after a certain number of rings go unanswered for any reason. This could be especially useful when you are away from your desk unexpectedly for an extended period of time.


A softphone (software telephone) is an application program that enables VoIP telephone calls from your computer or tablet. You can use your onboard mic and speaker, or add a bluetooth headset.

Fax Solutions

FAX was designed for analog networks, and can not travel over a digital VoIP network, but there are solutions. A VoIP Gateway and and Analog Telephony Adapter can allow fax data to travel over a VoIP network.


Hoteling allows a user (guest) to sign into an alternate user’s phone (host) to make and receive calls so that it appears as though they are making and receiving calls from their own phone.

Your business can benefit from these and other VoIP Features.

You want your money to be well spent. If you can pay less and get extra features, it’s a no-brainer. VoIP presents a great value for your business.

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