Hosted Voice Will Make You Your Boss’ Hero

Be Your Boss's Hero

Your boss is savvy and doesn’t want to spend money on something good when something great costs less and adds value to customers. Your boss will reward the hero that points the company to saving big money and raises productivity. So here’s where you jump in, be the hero, and show your boss what they want to know about Hosted Voice. 

Pocketing savings1) They’ll save big on long distance phone charges.

While the phone company charges for each minute on a long distance call, most Hosted Voice providers offer unlimited long distance calls. If your company makes calls to across the country and the world, this will be a huge cost reduction.

2) They’ll need fewer IT experts.

When choosing Hosted Voice,  the management of the phone system is outsourced, which means you’ll need fewer resident experts to keep things running.


3) Your boss won’t have a bunch of complicated boxes and equipment to manage.

Yep, no confusing black box to configure, just some VOIP-ready handsets and you’re on your way. The calls are carried in the data network through the connection to the internet.

 4) There are no phone lines to maintain.

All your phones connect through the data lines. You’re already paying for your data line, why not get more value from it?

5) Each user gets a simple web interface.

Hosted Voice is designed to be simple and intuitive. Users can manage their own features right from their computers.

6) Your boss can trade a high capital expense for a reasonable monthly service fee.

Rather on spending tens of thousands of dollars on equipment that will eventually need to be replaced, Hosted Voice has a monthly service fee with comparatively small initial expense on phones.

7) The business is not locked into the size of the system, it grows or scales down with you.

When 20 employees are hired, you add 20 phones and 20 users. If you downsize, unplug phones.  No longer do you have to add boxes or waste space and energy on complicated boxes you no longer use.

8) Your boss will like the added functionality of a Hosted Voice system.

Hosted Voice has great features, for sure. Like Voicemail forwarded to email, or being able to use a cell phone and have it appear to be a call from the office. Plus, integrate with your CRM and increase connectivity with your clients.

9) The system updates automatically.

Rather than having the IT tech upgrading each box and phone with firmware and new hardware, the system software upgrades without disruption of service. (And no additional cost.)

10) Employees can be productive on the go.

Businessman On Park Bench With Coffee Using Mobile Phone

A phone at the desk can forward it’s functionality to a cell phone by using an app. Now an employee can be reached at lunch, or on a business trip. All they need is a data connection.

11) When disaster strikes, business maintains continuity.

When your building floods or destroyed by fire, you might lose your data lines, but as long as your cell phone is connected to a data network, you can still be reached. Aren’t you glad you didn’t spend all that money on those expensive, complicated boxes?

12) Add Video Conferencing capability.

video conference

Video calls can be a great way to increase clarity of communication. Seeing someone’s facial expression and gesturing can help understanding what they’re trying to say.

13) The company can focus on the customer, and not the phone system.

Isn’t that the goal? Employees can stop fiddling with the old phone system and use the Hosted Voice tools to communicate clearly and focus on the needs of the customer. The customer doesn’t care about your phone system and data needs, they want a good experience from your business, isn’t that what your boss wants?


Will your boss appreciate the value Hosted Voice brings?

If you’ve just recently invested a lot of money in a legacy phone system and all its equipment, it probably makes sense to stay for the time being to get something for the money you can’t get back. But it just makes sense for everybody else to at least look into how Hosted Voice could impact their business and communication needs. I hope your boss is as smart as you.



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